Our Performance

Public Reporting

ACO Participants (Legal Names) 

Umpqua Community Health Center Inc 
Bandon Community Health Center 
The Wallace Medical Concern 
Adapt Integrated Health Care 
Asher Community Health Center 
Clackamas County Health Centers 
Columbia River Health 
Klamath Health Partnership 
Nehalem Bay Health Center 
Neighborhood Health Center 
Outside In 
Rogue Community Health 
Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center 
Waterfall Community Health Center 
Winding Waters Community Health Center 

ACO Governing Body

Download the organizational chart and board information here!

Associated Committees and Committee Leadership

Committee Name  Committee Leader (Name & Position) 
ACO Executive Committee  Nic Powers, CEO, Winding Waters 
ACO Clinical Quality Committee  Stuart Currie, CMO, The Wallace Medical Concern 
ACO Finance Committee  Blain West, CFO/COO, Neighborhood Health Centers 

Performance Reporting

Our ACO did not participate in the Shared Savings Program in 2023; therefore, this section is not applicable at this time.

Advanced Investment Payments (AIP) Spend Plan 

Our ACO has established a separate designated account for the deposit and expenditure of all advance investment payments in accordance with 42 CFR 425.630(e)(4). 

General Spend Plan Category  General Spend Plan Sub-Category  Projected Spending 2024  Actual Spending 2024  Projected Spending 2025  Actual Spending 2025 
Health Care Infrastructure  Electronic Quality Reporting  $1,345,452.00  $0.00  $1,343,952.00  $0.00 
Increased Staffing  Other (explain in “Payment Use”)  $7,500.00  $0.00  $7,875.00  $0.00 
Health Care Infrastructure  Other  (explain in “Payment Use”)  $15,000.00  $0.00  $15,750.00  $0.00 
Health Care Infrastructure  Other  (explain in “Payment Use”)  $7,500.00  $0.00  $7,875.00  $0.00 
   Subtotals  $1,375,452.00  $0.00  $1,375,452.00  $0.00 

Sum Levels

Projected Total Advance Investment Payments:  $2,750,904.00 
Actual Spending      $0.00 
Future Projected Spending :    $2,750,904.00 
Remaining Funding to Allocate :    $0.00